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Welcome to wordsmith 2015

COMING UP-Next projects start end of March



Wordsmith awards in 2014

Wordsmith Poetry Showcase "Mandela & Angelou; life and legacy"


at Z ARTS 335 Stretford Rd, Manchester M15 5ZA






Best Team year 9; Whalley Range High School Girls - Coach Nicole May.

Best performance year 9; Adnan Mohammed - Burnage Academy Boys

Best Line year 9; Ines Da Silva - Loreto: The only way to kill a tree is to pull up its roots


Best Team 6th form; Xaverian 6th form - Coach Reece Irvine Williams.

Best performer 6th form; Hannah Sypula, Amy Porter / special mention Hannah Ghafoor

Best Stanza / Line 6th form; Aisha Khan - WRHSG: A Womans Blood etches every mans name into existence.



...and then


Wordsmith Poetry Showcase "Maya Angelou; life and legacy"


at St Margarets CofE





Best Team; St Philips

Best Performer; Sara Nadvi Bryne - St Magarets


Best Line; Oluebube Iheanachor - Rolls Crescent:

Since I was a little girl,
I'll always count on you, for comfort and kind support, that's faithful and true
Dad, it's not easy to find the words to say, how much you really mean to me today.


Best Line; Ogo Awanye - St Philips: When someone embarrasses me I feel like a stone that has fallen into water, the ripples are people's laughter.


Special guests

Wordsmith Awards 2014

Wordsmith poetry showcase "The World At War". Whalley Range High 6th Form coached by Desiree Reynolds (check out more showcase video here)

Wordsmith showcase takes it inspiration from slam poetry.....we choose to adapt this format for schools in order to facilitate growth...empowerment...opportunity...freedom of self-expression....Thursday 3rd April at Stun studio space - Z Arts


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Wordsmith Primary School Project 2013


Winning team Claremont Primary School

See more videos here

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Welcome to Wordsmith Awards 2013

This year’s project involved 8 schools engaging in writing and performance wordshops for 8 weeks, which resulted in a memorable showcase at Burnage Media Arts College in July 2013. Our special guests JP Cooper and Flex thrilled over 100 students and staff with musical sets that perfectly punctuated passionate poetry penned and performed by our teams. Loreto High were awarded Best Team and have already begun their year residency with masterclasses from Chicago’s first wave graduate Dominique Chesterland as well as a Q&A with Grammy nominated Def Jam poet Liza Garza before sharing the stage with her at an event at The Instituto Cervantes in central Manchester. Wordsmith poets in residence is a new feature we have added to our programs that allows us to develop young writers with mentoring and quality time with international and national professional poets.

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